Friday, September 3, 2010

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Last night for dinner I made these stuffed baked potatoes. I am a huge potato fan and love them cooked in every way possible but this is a particular favorite. I used Agria potatoes and they were ideal.
First get the potatoes in the oven (or microwave first to get them started)
Meanwhile I sautee onion and bacon...mmm that's one of the best smells in the kitchen
I finely shred some silverbeet (this coloured variety was from my garden), grate carrot and cheese.
As the onion and bacon softens add the carrot and silverbeet to wilt a bit.
When the potatoes are cooked scoop out the insides and add to the other ingredients along with the cheese and a decent grind of salt and pepper. Mash together and refill the potato skins. I then sprinkle a bit of paprika on the top.
Wonder what the Masterchef judges on the TV in the back ground would think of my cooking!! I think YUUUUMMM
I'm happy to eat these on their own as they're like a meal in themselves but I felt like I needed a bit of crunch so I added some sliced cabbage with this tangy dressing.


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