Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ten Terrific Things about Today

1. Planting peas with Sofia
2. The boys working on the playhouse
3. Nappies drying on the line
4. Getting potatoes in the ground
5. Not feeling any aftershocks
(and a sneaky look on geonet tells me there hasn’t been any since 10pm last night woohoo)
6. Na'uli showing an interest in toilet training at 18 months
7. Making 10 jars of jam from my very own berries (thought I’d better use up last year’s crop of Berry Delight from the freezer before this season)
8. Further progress on the playhouse
9. Sofia napping (with a knitted bag on her head) because she’s worn herself out by gardening, singing, dancing, asking Mum and Dad questions, making music, stirring jam…what a lovely life for a child:)
10. Pot roast beef planned for tea mmm better go and get that on

How was the weather in your part of the world and how did you spend your Sunday?


  1. What a brilliant play house those girls are going to have! So nice that you can start to return to normal life. I hope those aftershocks stop altogether very soon.

  2. yah sounds like a marvellous day!

  3. Looks like you had a great week end...nice to see a sneak peek of the play house under construction!!!

  4. Gardening, eating, snoozing, wearing a bag on your head. Pretty near perfect, I'd say ...

  5. Oh this is lovely! What a wonderful weekend! *s*

  6. I can almost taste that jam! and I bet you'll have so much fun with that playhouse.


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