Friday, February 25, 2011

Offer of accommodation for Christchurch

This is a copy of my sister's post. They live on Banks Peninsula near Akaroa. Please re-post if you know anyone who may need this help

Please anybody out there who has family or friends or someone they know of that needs somewhere to go we could easily find accommodation for them...water sewerage power etc all fine over this way....there must be some way we could help...can't stand the thought of people living substandard and now with the rain it just makes me feel sick inside PLEASE LET US HELP!!!!!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finishing Off

Are you like me and hate doing the finishing off bits of your craft projects? It feels great to knit the final  piece of a garment. I usually get on straight away to sewing it up to see how it looks as a whole. Then comes the sewing in of loose ends which I have to push myself to do there and then otherwise I won't feel like going back to it. Worst of all and something I often leave for at least a while, if not almost a year, is sewing on buttons.
Yesterday I finally got around to sewing the buttons on to these little baby shoes...
And this tunic/waistcoat, which I think I made about a year ago...
Both of these items will be for sale in my Felt shop and this gorgeous shop in Le Bons Bay.
Now will I finish off two other projects that need sewing up and buttons on or will I start on my next project?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Pants for New Doll

I have just sewed two new pairs of pants for Sofia's doll New Doll using Mum's Pattern and instructions.
Very pleased with them.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busyness in the Kitchen

 Sticky Buns using Annabel Langbein's recipe.
Its great beacuse it makes a big batch of dough so it can be halved and stored in the fridge or freezer then used at a later date (which makes it really easy and saves on rising time second time round)

Apricot honey from Amy's recipe here
So annoyed that I let the apricots catch on the bottom of the pot so it has a slightly burnt taste but will improve on that next time

Muesli Bars from a family recipe
And I pre-wrapped some to encourage the males in the house to take one for lunch(cos it might be a bit much trouble for them to have to get one out of the tin and wrap it themselves!)

Tomato sauce using the recipe in The Edmond's Book

Have you been doing any baking, preserving or any other delicious cooking lately?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Four Seasons-more mid Summer

I'm enjoying the morning sun shining on the vegetable garden and the new mowing strip around the lawn keeping everything contained and tidy.
Visit Seaside Siblings for more fun in the sun.

Colour Swap 2

Yesterday I posted about the parcel that I sent out for the colour swap. Today I'll show you what I received in the post this week from Tillie.
Very cool. Thanks Tillie.
The girls loved the butterfly bubbles. Sofia and I have both had a turn wearing the bow clip and the heart brooch will look perfect as part of this new collection on the bedroom wall...