Friday, October 28, 2011

More Stitch Markers

Ok so I probably didn't need two sets but when I starting looking on Etsy there were so many cute stitch markers it was too hard to choose just one. Sofia chose these ones from WeeOnes Creations.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stitch Markers

Look at these cute little stitch markers that arrived in the post today...

I bought them from fripperies & bibelots on Etsy. There are so many on Etsy that it was very hard to choose.
For those that don't know these are used when doing knitting on circular needles to mark the places that you need to make increases.
I have ordered another little set too so will show you them when they turn up.

Wardrobe Wednesday

Just for a break in the major lack of posts here lately I thought I'd do a Wardrobe Wednesday. Being back at work each morning I've had to make a few changes to my wardrobe mainly because I live in jeans at home and I'm not allowed to wear jeans to work.
Pants from Portmans
Top and Jacket from Just Jeans
Boots from Street Legal
Necklace from Postie

I dropped my camera after taking the first picture and broke the zoom thing so had to take the other photos on my phone so they're a bit blurry:(

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

You might remember me writing a few weeks back about the possibility of buying a new home...well now it has happened. As of Wednesday our house is sold and as of yesterday we have bought a new house and some land. We now have four weeks to get everything organised and packed so we are ready to move on November 18th.
This is the house we have sold.
It is a special house as it is the first house we owned. We have lived here for 7 years. When we moved in it was just the two of us. It was a huge move from an old 2 bedroom flat to a brand new 3 bedroom house. We worked hard to pay off a good chunk of the mortgage before we started our family. This is where we bought our new babies home to. It was Sofia and Na'uli's first home. We have created a lovely garden, a nice environment for our children to play in. There have been lots of happy and fun occasions at this home as well as some sad ones. We have celebrated birthdays, shared meals with friends and family, hosted nephews and nieces, sisters, parents and friends. In this house we have recuperated from illnesses, mourned the loss of Paula's mother and survived the thousands of earthquakes that have rocked our city over the last year.
This has been a great house and we have created many memories here.
Now it is time for a change, the next step in our journey.
This is the house we have bought.

We wanted somewhere that was close to town for work but far enough away to feel like we were in the country. We wanted some land so we can have animals, plenty of sheds to store our company vehicles and materials, more vege garden, more bedrooms and overall more space and freedom...we think this fits the bill.
So here goes...hopefully lots more happy times will be had at the new house and more happy memories made.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Latest Knitting Projects

This is what I have been working on most recently.
This darling little tunic top is a gift for the daughter of Sofia and Na'uli's Porse carer (who looks after
them while I'm at work)...
 For the shop
Another one of my favourite baby styles....
 A little garter stitch jacket with pockets...
For keeps (in hope of one day having a little boy to dress up)
A simple little vest...
I loved this colour and the wool is so soft, perfect for a newborn...
And I had some pre loved buttons in just the right colour to match...
Some of these items are now available in my Felt shop

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A bit of Wool

I've got an order and a couple of projects in mind so I went to Spotlight today to get the wool for those. Well I came home with a few extra balls!
They had 30% off all wool so I did make a saving but still managed to spend quite a bit. It's nice to have a stash to go to when I want to start a new project.
I had to have some of this cotton called 'Birdsnest'...
I haven't seen it before and can see a cute wee baby boy's cardi being made from this.

I also loved the colour of this cotton...
for a baby girls summer cardi.

And this bamboo...
it's so silky soft and was down to $4.20 a ball so I thought I'd better get some.

I also want to try this pattern sometime soon. Look it's so cute...
This one was made by sharonnz (shown on Ravelry)