Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

I took these pictures of the girls yesterday. They were looking particularly cute so I thought they'd better enter Wardrobe Wednesday!
Na'uli (on the left) is wearing:
Pumpkin Patch top
Jeggings from Farmers
Dress made by her Mama
Sofia (on the right) is wearing:
Pumpkin Patch leggings
Top from Cotton On Kids
Hand-me-down skirt
Op shop (thanks Allie!) short sleeved cardi

Oh, and here's me today
Top-Just jeans
NEW! shoes-Overland
I don't really like the way this dress/top billows out at the bottom, especially with a gust of wind under it! I think it could do with being a bit narrower. It does disguise the tummy quite well though!
 Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has on today..


  1. You look great! Love the dress, and the top underneath goes really nicely with it. The girls look sooo cute x

  2. That's a really pretty top/dress. I think the billowy bottom bit is really pretty. Also like the look of the new shoes, can't go wrong with black mary-janes!

  3. Your kids are seriously cute! Love your top.

  4. love the top - and for real! new shoes - a cool day in my book thats for sure (happen to like shoes ALOT)...sweet wee princesses you hvae x

  5. Spring tastic! Love your dress and your children do look very cute.

  6. You all look dashing! And I quite like your dress - I'm definately all for tummy-disguising-outfits!!


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