Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

This is what a wore yesterday as I hung out with my lovely sisters and all my nieces and nephews (yay!)at the gardens. So nice to have all 4 of us and our 9 children together in one place.

Same shoes as another post
(don't go that great with the outfit but were chosen for practicality today...walking in gardens, carrying children etc.)
Lee Rider jeans
Top/Dress from Ula
(yea posted about that before-roll on Summer so I have a few other outfits to share!)
Black cardi from Max

It was a great day apart from when my 18 month old daughter BIT another child (a stranger)...and its not the first time. So embarrasing-what can you do? What would you do? Have you had anything like that happen with your children?

Check out what some other styley mummas are wearing this week over at Green Valley Crafts


  1. Beautiful! I looove the colours of your dress, so pretty.

  2. Awesome dress, I love it. A great outfit for a day out... pretty & practical all at the same time!

  3. I love the colours and pattern on your dress!

  4. i love that tunic!
    and about the's VERY effective (immediate attention; the other kid drops the toy the 'biter' wants...etc)...usually just a phase but yes, very embarrassing. Diane Levy has great advice regarding that. Try googling maybe?

    PS I totally love the brooch you made - i especially like it with the vintage cardi :) and i plonked my baby on the floor while i quickly took some pictures because he (it's a boy ;) ) was about to be put in his bed which is right next to our wardrobe.

  5. too cute - love the tunic dress (never sure what to call them!)....and biting isn't fun...for what its worth with my 4 babies...we have always made a fuss of the victim and got the perpertrator to say sorry followed by immediate time out (in a pram if out or whatever)...and been very firm about it - if you have a hooney in time out you stay there until you stop....its one way anyways...might help? x

  6. I love your dress. The colour blue is one of my favourite. Sounds like a fab day apart from the biting - poor you x I've had incidents around that age with my daughter pushing another child and I apologised to the parent and checked the other child was okay first, then took my child and sat her down on the bench next to me for some quiet time. Only happened a couple of times before she learned not to do it, but I did have to watch her closely for a month or two x

  7. looking good. and i love the chch botanical gardens! as far as biting goes, i have no personal experience, but know people who have something that is okay to bite... like a teething ring type thing & they just keep telling the child that we don't bite people and offer that instead. i also think giving the bitten child some loving attention is good.


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