Friday, September 24, 2010

White Chocolate Macaroons

I bought a chocolate macaroon way back when I went to A Craft Affair. It was so delicious that it has stayed in my memory and I have been meaning to find a recipe and make some for ages. I finally did that today. I'm not entirely happy with them a)because they stuck to the tray and b)because they turned out way too big and therefore did not make very many. They are sandwiched together with white chocolate and they do taste lovely (but very sweet).

Do you like macaroons?
Have you ever tried to make them?
Do you know of a good recipe?
Do you have a recipe for CHOCOLATE macaroons?


  1. This girl is obsessed with Macaroons and has posted about them and hope that helps you!

  2. was watching a cooking show the other day and they were saying they are one of the hardest things to make so well done x maybe google recipe

  3. I really love macaroons, but have never made them - love how when you buy them from shops they come all wrapped up in a box with a special bow.


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