Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Curtains to Skirt and more

I found these old curtains in my local op shop last week and decided they'd make a nice skirt. I've had the Sew what!Skirts book out of the library for a while now and was waiting til I had the right fabric to try out one of the designs. These curtains were perfect because at $4 I had nothing to lose if my sewing was unsuccessful. I decided to make an A-Line with a fitted waist. The pattern was really easy to draft up as the book gave simple equations for calculating your own size. The curtains had a lining which I decided to also line my skirt with. That made it a bit trickier as the instructions did not include a lining. I tackled the skirt while we were at my parents' place over the weekend so that Mum could save me if I got into trouble. I was very pleased with the finished skirt-it fits perfectly and is the exact shape I have been wanting for ages.
We had a lovely weekend in Le Bons Bay. The boys went hunting and fishing (with an impressive haul of flounder, crab and salmon)
and Sofia and Na'uli had some long awaited time with their cousins at the lodge and Mama and Pa.
Feeding the chooks with Pa
Snuggling under Mama's flannel blanket

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday I finished the knitted dress/top that I talked about here. I was really pleased with my first attempt at circular knitting-I'm definitely going to do more. In fact I've actually got another project on the needle already! I even had to get the crochet hook out to finish off the opening and make button loops. It took a few attempts but turned out ok...just wouldn't want a crochet expert looking too close! Here's my gorgeous girl in her new top today
This is another project that I finished recently. It's one of my current favourite designs.
I made one the same for Na'uli which she wore at about 4 weeks old
Still haven't quite got the pinafore finished. I'm waiting for some button holing instructions from Mum-maybe this weekend when we visit the Bay.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fritata, Lasagne and Birthday Cake

Another rainy day inside yesterday so I cooked some rather delicious food. No need to post the recipes cos they're all standard things that I'm sure you've all made before. Basic but very tasty...
Using some leftovers I made fritata for lunch
 Lasagne for tea- always served with sauteed cabbage (just seems to go well)
Sofia and I made a banana birthday cake for our nephew
Have you made any of these lately?

Monday, June 7, 2010

More of the Simple Things

When I was writing this post about how passive toys promote active play I intended to add some photos to show the simple toys that my girls play with. Finally now, on this rainy day and with no other interesting news to share I am getting around to posting those photos.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back Home with Baby

The past few days have been pretty stressful for us as our wee daughter Na'uli was hospitalised. We'd all had a bad run with coughs and other bugs and unfortunately Na'uli got very run down and developed an abscess (on her tiny buttock of all places). After a visit to the doctor on Monday it was decided that she needed a visit to the hospital  for surgery to drain the area (oh too much detail-sorry!). She was in so much pain and it was really worrying for us as parents to see our daughter endure this pain and to go through the procedures leading up to surgery.
Paula held her in his arms as she was put to sleep and he said he felt like telling the doctors "I don't want you to touch my daughter!" It was a nervous wait...
 but she was out in no time...
and has steadily improved since.
Being in the hospital environment you see some very unlucky people and some sad situations that make you realise how fortunate you are. We were thankful that our stay was short, surgery was minor, risk minimal, side effects few and outcome successful.
We are so glad to be home today and grateful for the messages of love from friends and family and for the help of our Mum who was at home to hold everything together.