Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Well I'm feeling quite smug cos I took this photo the other day in anticipation of Wardrobe Wednesday. I was quite pleased with this outfit and thought I'd better store the photo in case today's outfit wasn't worth sharing! Is anyone else doing that or are you all really honest and taking your photo on the actual Wednesday no matter what you're wearing??
My new shoes-yes they'll probably feature here quite a bit until the novelty wears off
Just Jeans jeans
Glassons top
Vest from Shanton

Find out what everyone else is wearing over here at Clare's


  1. Hey Fran! If you check out my post today you'll see that you can put up an outfit from any day of the week, doesn't have to be Wednesday!! I really like you jeans, I'm desperate to get some new ones! And I've got a voucher for Overland burning a hole in my pocket so hopefully I'll have some new shoes like you soon too! Hope you are well xo

  2. Very lovely indeed! I love the vest, the colour is great on you :) And yay for new shoes, I need some of those myself...Not all of my pics are actually on Wednesday (today's is as I forgot it was Wednesday & didn't have any pics from the past week!), I grab my moments when my lovely husband is home to wield the camera :)

    Here's me! Our Big Adventure - Wardrobe Wednesday

    Have a great day!

  3. Yah you look great Frannie and yes i sneak in previous outfits too x

  4. Here's a linky that actually works!

    Our Big Adventure

    Goodness knows what I did wrong to the other one ;)

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  6. Sorry - just posted a comment in my husbands 'id' - Easyballs!!!

    What I was going to say was you look fabulous and I love the colour combinations - I really like natural colours. Also, your kitchen is way cleaner than mine ;) Have a great day!

  7. You look great hun! I really like these posts popping up around the blog world, great motivation to wear something nice :)

  8. Hey Fran, thanks for your comment on my kermit shoes - ahhh new shoes - love them, can you take a close up next week (not that I have a shoes fetish or anything!). With the WW thing, to be honest I usually get so busy with the day to day and Wednesday rolls round and I'm all "eekk - quick take a photo, oh dear is that what I really look like - well, that will have to do"!

  9. I totally thought it had to be on Wednesday!!! well now i am better informed :) you look totally great and this week you totally comfy and thats what i'm all about this week!


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