Thursday, September 16, 2010

Past Projects

Cross stitched Native American scene. I went through a stage as a teenager where I was really interested in the Native Americans. This was made way back then.


  1. Such an intricate design and a very interesting mix of items on the shelves : ) Nice to reflect on your past works.

  2. such a huge amount of work in these! clever you! oh, and made your birdseed bars....ah YUM! I added choc chips (to entice the older kids, littlies don't care if its choc or not)...but of course they melted in the mixing -duh! yummy as tho, next time I will press them in on top at the end....12 muslie bars -am stoked! and other than the choc chips - no crap in them, cranberries, dired blueberrries and cashews - YUM! thanks somuch for sharing x

  3. Hi! I just dropped by to thank you for following me. I love your cross stitch - it must be a teenage thing, because I went through one of those stages too! I'm off to peruse the rest of your lovely blog now - Cheers! X


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