Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Here's me one day last week. What with all the earthquake drama I can't remember when it was but glad I had taken the photo otherwise I probably wouldn't have got round to joining in this week (or I definitely would be in trackies and jacket with red eyes and it would be a blurry photo cos I'm shaking so much!)
Shoes-Number One shoes (don't wear them very often-not sure about them, what do you think?)
T shirt-Glassons
Hoodie-Warehouse...but it's extra cool cos on the back is this...
which was printed on there by Allie
Oh and Sofia is wearing pants from a garage sale and top from Trademe and a pretty crazy face!


  1. Love the shoes! Im wondering if your house still looks so lovely? Feeling for all you Chch peps. Must be scary - all those aftershocks cant be helping either. xxx

  2. go fran and sof whoop whoop i reckon you escape to moos xxxxx

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. Luckily our house and land is fine but it is so terrifying and all the aftershocks are keeping me on edge. Fingers crossed it all settles down now.

  4. I love the shoes too! What a pretty fantail, Allie is one clever cookie!

    Hope you're doing okay,those aftershocks must be horrid. Sending lots of love your way :) xx

    Our Big Adventure

  5. Yes I vote for the shoes too they are cool. And what a great print! Come stay up here! x

  6. Thats a great print! Hope those aftershocks stop soon for you.

  7. I vote YUS to the shoes and love the fantail! hope you're doing aunty is in kaipoi and having a bad time of it-so terrifying .
    oooo and thankyou for the supercool mail yesterday - I LOVE my new pretty brooch! Thanks so much x

  8. That print is awesome, what a great idea for jazzing up a sweater! Great outfits, both!

  9. I really like those shoes, very cute!

  10. I really like the fantail print on the hoodie- very cool. Your daughter is super cute, too.

    Glad to see you're okay admist the earthshaking that's going on down there.

    And yes - Aesop is my eldest son : ) Thanks for your comment on my blog today (couldn't find your email address to reply that way..) Wardrobe remix is such a great warm-fuzzy, huh?


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