Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Weekend

We spent the weekend in Le Bons Bay with my parents and my sister and her family. After the recent earthquake it was nice to get away to a different environment and to take some deep breaths of fresh, country air. We spent most of Saturday demolishing Mum and Dad's chimney which crashed in one piece onto their lawn and garden. It took lots of man power and machinery to break up the 22 year old brick work which had a clay pot lining and was solid filled with concrete as well. I did have some photos of this but yesterday Na'uli got hold of the camera and deleted everything on there including photos from the weekend and some shots that I was really pleased with from the last few weeks...grrrr.
On Sunday we all decided to have a day that did not involve anything to do with the 'E' word. The boys went flounder fishing and gathered some shell fish and the kids ran on the beach and flew their kites.
We fired up the barbie to cook the seafood and prepared some other tasty food in the campervan and sat in the sun to enjoy all this while the kids played on the playground. I had some funny shots of all the men sleeping in various places after lunch but thought they might be offended if I shared then here so I'll just share the few photos I do have left which are of the kids and that should be safe because they can't tell me not to!


  1. Beautiful pictures & it sounds like a lovely weekend, just what you all needed...

  2. Daisy chains! I used to spend hours making these. How wonderful!

  3. Oh those daisy chains are precious! Sorry to hear about all the pics on your camera being deleted...I hate it when stuff like that happens!

  4. I love le bons bay, or any banks peninsula holiday spots. Today is the first day without aftershocks so far. Life is good!!


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