Sunday, August 8, 2010

Latest Knitting Projects

Last night I completed the wrist warmers I talked about here
And today I finally got round to stitching the buttons onto this little tunic
So now it is complete
Unfortunately I don't know of any little boys that might wear it. Think it will have to go into my shop.
My next project is a jersey for John from The Lodge at Le Bons Bay


  1. Good job Fran...John could do with his jersey today...brrrr its cold and we have had so much rain, the river at the back came through our back yard!!!! freaky... in the 7 years I have lived here I have never seen it that bad!!

  2. That little knitted tunic is adorable and if my son was not a hulking 15 year old teen I'd be seriousley considering buying that off you.
    Gorgeous colour yarn for the wrist warmers.
    florrie x

  3. So cool, love the colors, cheers Marie


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