Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today started off pretty blah. Not enough sleep the last few nights on account of the girls being up and down has caught up on me. In an effort to avoid feeling grumpy and stressed I decided I wouldn't do anything other than take care of the girls. The morning went by ok. After lunch we went for a walk for some fresh air and to blow away some cobwebs. I took the girls to the playground. On the way we stopped at the local Salvation Army Store and I picked up a couple of bargains.
This stack of corduroy and some velvety fabric...
Not sure what it will be used for yet.
This interesting stuff...
It's strange material but I liked the design and colour. I thought Allie might be able to make use of it for her bags.
And this...
I loved the colour and it opens out like this...
A knitting needle holder.


  1. cool knitting needle holder....that fabric looks useful too!!!!

  2. nothing like some fresh air and a bit of opp shopping to lift the spirits of a tired mama ;)
    I hope the girls let you sleep well tonight xx


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