Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Baby Goes to School

Na'uli had her first day at preschool today. Sofia started going one morning a week at about the same age that Na'uli is but for some reason it feels like Na is still more of a baby. Sofia is in the Over Two's area and Na'uli in the Under Two's but Sofia joined the little ones today to keep an eye on her sister...yes she needs an eye kept on her as recently she has taken to scragging and scratching other babies and toddlers. It's pretty embarrasing but what can you do? (Any ideas would be great). I stayed with her while she settled in, had lotu (prayer) and sat down for morning tea. Then I sneaked off for a bit of shopping ON MY OWN, now that doesn't happen very often. I went to Knit World to find some wool and needles to make these wrist warmers and then to the mall for a few bits and pieces and a cup of coffee.
Na'uli pays attention on the mat
Prayer circle
Ready for morning tea
Wool for my wrist warmers


  1. Yah for Na'uli looks like she settled in for the wool for your wrist warmers John just said hope she knits my jersey first!!!! HaHa


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