Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

OK so I'm being brave and joining in this week!
This was something I wore at the weekend...
Levi's jeans (about the only pants I have in my wardrobe)
The dress/top I talked about here from Ula
My version of the Glassons cardi-did anyone else notice this was quite a common item last week?
And my current favourite wear-anytime-with-anything shoes from Overland


  1. Nice one Fran! I'm definately going to check out Ula next time I'm in Chch...think they have one in Akaroa too??? I don't know about that post baby tummy - maybe we should just be proud of the job it did!!

  2. Yea they do have a shop in Akaroa and on in Riccarton. Paula was a bit worried about the 'hippy' smell the top had when I first bought know the one, I think it's patchouli oil or something...hehe

  3. ooo love the tunic top - so fun!

  4. yah good for you joining in franny you look fantastic x

  5. Love the top, Ula has some great stuff, eh?

  6. Looking lovely! What a beautiful top :) I'm a big fan of dresses/skirts over jeans - if only my jeans hadn't died of old age...


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