Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Wetnic

Today our family met up for a picnic at Birdlings Flat. We were supposed to be watching a model aeroplane show but it was called off due to the weather, after we had watched only 2 flights. The weather was pretty dreadful-cold, drizzly, windy, misty...

but we rugged up
and made the most of our day with a BBQ (finished off in the campervan)
Some kite flying...
Some stone throwing...
And some fishing...
I reckon it's a brilliant place to take photos. This is one of my favourites from today..
And this little girl has gone for her first over-night stay without Mum and Dad. She's having some 'bigger girl' time with Mama and Pa.
You can see more from our day over at Life in B-Town


  1. Looks like a good day for lots of hot cups of tea and milo! Sofia's hat is gorgeous! Hope she has a good sleepover with Mama and Pa xo

  2. Oh what fun!Lovely to see photos of all the kiddies,& all their lovely knitwear.x

  3. cool photos was fun if not a bit wet ad cold eh! go sof she will be keeping them very entertained

  4. Looks like a great day despite the weather. I love the photos, just beautiful. My favorite photo from my own childhood was taken on that beach.

  5. Looks like fun even though the weather didn't really co-operate!

  6. This looks gorgeous compared to the hot, sticky weather we're having here in Toronto! Lovely photos :)


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