Thursday, August 19, 2010

Books to Browse

I haven't been up to anything much in the way of crafts this week but I have just been browsing fishpond for some crafty inspiration. I thought I would share with you some of the books that I've ordered from the library. They all look good judging by their cover and their descriptions too. These might also be inspirational for those of you participating in Clare's Wardrobe Wednesday (which by the way I intend to join next week)
Yeah, I Made it Myself: DIY Fashion for the Not Very Domestic Goddess: "Yeah, I Made it Myself is all about DIY fashion, aimed at women who are passionate about clothes, and would love to create something of their own, but who are unsure of how to get started. Farry isn't a fashion designer, or professional seamstress, but she can cobble together a DIY summer wardrobe faster than you can say pearl-two. She's made most of her own clothes for years, to much acclaim. When people learn she makes her own clothes they say, 'I wish I could do that.' And her immediate response is, 'You easily could, I could teach you in a few hours'."
Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers: "In 'Simple Sewing for Baby Lotta Jansdotter' shows how easy it is to make cheerful gifts for little cherubs. A new mother herself, Lotta includes projects that match her simple style with practicality making for sweet, yet durable, essentials for any rumble-tumble baby.
Brilliant Bags: 20 Beautiful Bags to Stitch and Love
Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching: "'Weekend Sewing', inspired by the STC bestseller 'Weekend Knitting', features unique sewing projects that can be completed in a weekend or less, plus fun ideas for incorporating sewing into a relaxed, creative lifestyle. Projects for both beginning and intermediate sewers include dresses for girls and women, pyjamas sized for the family, pillowcases, throw pillows and travel bags.
49 1/2 Skirts: "An exciting, easy-to-follow guide on to how to simply and inexpensively make your own custom couture skirts by embellishing them with a wide variety of materials and techniques. Core techniques such as pattern cutting, sewing seams, hemming, waistbands and zips, finishing, screenprinting and adding embellishments are illustrated with step-by-step photographs
Homemade: Fabulous Things to Make Life Better: "A contemporary take on gorgeous things to make, making it yourself rather than buying it off the shelf has never been trendier. Whether driven by eco considerations and anti-consumerism or by the desire to own or give something personal rather than uniform, many more of us are getting out the knitting needles and sewing kit, and taking pleasure in lavishing some TLC on our homes, our friends, our children and ourselves. Homemade is packed full of ideas for things to make that make life that little bit better. From crocheted coat-hangers to cordials and cupcakes, from cushion covers made from vintage blankets, old shirts cut up to make summer bunting or beautifully simple decorating ideas for an old-fashioned Christmas tree, here are over a hundred ways of adding individuality to your home and to the things you give.
Revive!: Inspired Interiors from Recycled Materials: "This is aimed at the beginner sewer who wants to make soft furnishings for the home with a minimum of skill and on a slim budget. A series of projects progressing in difficulty guides the reader through basic skills and techniques, starting with simple cushions, and moving up through throws and bedspreads, basic curtains, blinds and tablecloths into easy upholstery such as sofa and armchair covers, and screens. The projects require a basic sewing machine but no particular experience or previous skill. The idea is to recycle and renew, creating lovely new things for the house from old clothes, curtains, sheets or skirts, by cutting them up, combining and restructuring them or embellishing them with new materials and trimmings.
Junky Styling: Wardrobe Surgery: "This book records the rise and rise of Junky Styling, the fashion label and at the same time shows readers how to recycle their own good quality second-hand clothing, deconstructing, re-cutting and completely transforming it into a new product that belies the former identity of the raw material.
Hip Handbags: Creating and Embellishing 40 Great-looking Bags: "Crafters will love making these totally chic bags! This title features 25 simple projects for creating bags from scratch, including flat folding purse. It includes a further 15 projects for embellishing shop-bought bags. Now it's easier than ever to make your bags totally chic!
Design-it-yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified: "This book explains everything a reader needs to customise sewing patterns and achieve perfect fitting clothes. It reveals how to measure a body and draft a perfect-fitting skirt, T-shirt, button-down shirt, dress and trousers. It also features insider tips, explanations and how to endlessly alter patterns throughout. Many modern sewers are looking to draft their own patterns - but the only books that teach the skill are dry and outdated.
That last one I can't get from th library but I did like the look of it. Can't wait now for them to be available...


  1. I LOVE that book! I get it out from the library all the time ;) She has a new one which I'd quite like to get my hands on, called Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means.

  2. Yes I've seen that one too but haven't been able to get hold of it from our libraries.

  3. I have 49 1/2 skirts coming to akaroa library today so you will have to be next on the list!!

  4. You can let me know if it's any good. I've got lots of others coming so I guess I can wait

  5. There sure are some great books out there, I've been looking for something just right, thanks for sharing...

  6. A great selection, thanks for sharing, cheers Marie


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