Friday, July 23, 2010

Completed Cardi and Cotton Conundrum

I have just completed this darling little sleeveless cardigan for Na'uli. It's the second one I made as the first turned out just a bit too small. Not sure what I'll do with that one yet-maybe it will go in my Felt Shop or perhaps I need to do a giveaway...
I bought the pattern called 'Spring Butterfly' from this shop on Felt. It was really easy to follow and knitted up pretty quick. It can be done on circular or long 'normal' needles.
It's got some gorgeous little features on it...
picot edged sleeves that pop up like wee wings...
this little twisty design at the back...
and a gusset at the back which is so practical for a cloth-nappy-wearing toddler
I can see this is going to become a favourite.

So what's the cotton conundrum? Well it's not so much a conundrum but I liked the alliteration in my title! At present my growing stash of cotton reels looks like this...
I was hoping that some of you might be able to suggest some fabulous ideas for storing cotton so that it's tidy and easily accessible. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Thanks.


  1. na is too cute and very cheeky looking xx

  2. gorgeous!! i just finished a vest for miss e and trying it on i pulled it over her fat tummy it was tight so i tried to stretch it and some darn stitching like popped and came undone along the bottom..i guess i didnt use very good wool!

  3. Oh my gosh,how cute-Na & the cardi!

  4. oh so lovely, you are clever, cheers Marie


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