Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From Mummy to Mrs V.

Yesterday I went back to my old job as a primary school teacher for the first time since leaving to become a mother. I contacted the school that I used to work at for around 5 years to find out if they had an relieving available. I felt quite confident at that stage and then my friend got back to me saying "Yes can you do a day next week?". I was surprised at how nervous I felt when my return to the classroom was becoming a reality! Anyway it was actually just an afternoon of teaching a class of Year 3/4 (7/8 year old) children. I enjoyed being back in my old role although I was a bit rusty and I think I need to brush up on some of my strategies like noise control and time management. I have to say though that neither of these was helped by the fact that another reliever didn't turn up so I ended up with that class in my room as well...wonder if I'll get paid double? haha


  1. yeah bet you don't! well done surviving that

  2. yes im a teacher also and its been bout 2 years since ive taught and the thought of it is quite nerve wracking!!

  3. You go girl!!!! You have your foot back in the door now so thats a good thing...loved having you guys to stay for the weekend...hope to see you soon


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