Monday, July 19, 2010

Jimeoin Third Drawer Down

I think this guy is hilarious. I first heard him sing this song as a guest on a local radio station. I've never forgotten it and it still cracks me up. Bet you've got a third drawer down from the top...or at least one somewhere that's full of s*#t!
It's not the best version to listen to but here's the words if you miss them...

In my kitchen there's a drawer at the top
It's got cutlery: knives, forks, spoons the lot
Second drawer down's got a big knife and an egg whip
Things that should go in the first drawer - but they just don't fit

And the third drawer down from the top
Is just full of shit
And there's tonnes of it (Rhymes with shit)

Elastic bands and Tally-Hos that don't stick
Dried up glue, false teeth, something stolen from a hotel
Things that are broken that you know you'll never fix
But you put them in the third drawer
'cause you just don't got the heart to throw them away

It's the third drawer down from the top
And it's full of shit

Blu-tac and cellotape that's been hit by a truck
One chopstick, an ashtray from New Zealand
Paid bills and envelopes
Things that you think'll come in handy, but they just never do

It's the third drawer down from the top
And it's full of shit

And the fourth drawer down
It's got plastic bags in it
And that's it

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  1. i love love love it! definitly my favourite comedian love his washing machine one too!!!


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