Monday, July 12, 2010

A Craft Affair

I went along to A Craft Affair in the city today. What a great collection of crafty goodies. It was so nice to see some of the online crafters out and about show casing their handmade bits and pieces. The only downside to the market was that it was SO crowded. It was really hard to get close to see things in detail and you felt that you couldn't linger and browse for too long because there was a bunch of people waiting behind to have their turn. I purchased just a couple of wee bits (photos following) and picked up a few business cards so I could come home and peruse their products at my leisure-and that's exactly what I've been doing since I got home! Oh and I've had three cups of tea and cut out my next skirt. It's been a stunning day weatherwise and the girls enjoyed feeding the ducks and taking a walk with their Daddy while I was at A Craft Affair. We also popped over to the Arts Centre Market afterwards and listened to music and had some lunch-for me a souvlaki yeee-ummm!
Card, gift tags, envelope seals, pencil and eraser from a Songbird Designs assortment bag (sort of luck dip)
Fabric brooch and hair pin also from the assortment bag
Fabric covered fridge magnets by Cat Taylor Designs
You might like to check out the sites and blogs of these crafty people that I saw today


  1. Hey looks like you had a good day...wish I was with you for that shopping expedition...Talk soonXX

  2. WOW What a cool market, cheers Marie

  3. I am so pleased you like the items in the Assortiment bag - they were a debut for A Craft Affair! What a great market - but very busy and not enough time to chat to everyone! Take Care! Sarah


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