Friday, July 23, 2010

Choice Kids Music

I recently got a copy of this CD from my parents. Sofia and Na'uli absolutely love it. Sofia can sing heaps of the words and the music just makes them dance...I quite like it myself too!
They're catchy tunes but not in the way that some kids songs can be where they actually drive you nuts.

The latest in Putumayo World Music’s acclaimed music series for children features a star-studded cast of artists singing classic folk and blues songs. Arlo Guthrie, Taj Mahal, Dan Zanes, Keb’ Mo’, and others offer a mix of unforgettable folk, blues, bluegrass, swing and reggae that children and their families can easily sing along with. (Description from Putumayo website)

You can listen to samples of the music here. And I just realised as I went looking for info about this CD that there are dozens more in their range. Most have a cultural theme-I reckon I'd be liking the Reggae one and the Hawaiian one


  1. Hi Fran,glad you have discovered these!We sell them at Honeybee-they are fantastic!Perhaps Emily should get one for dancing in her pyjamas to!x

  2. Always good to have a sing-a-long. cheers Marie


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