Friday, April 1, 2011

Girl Style Friday

I'm not sure where this idea originated but I've been enjoying seeing some photos of other people's very cute and styley kids. Thought I'd join in this week...
Top from Trademe
Skirt hand-me-down from big cousin Zoe (or Willow?)
Tights from Farmers (after the February earthquake they had a sale of 55% off kids clothes in Christchurch so I stocked up on pyjamas, underwear, socks etc)
Boots-Country Road boots bought for a fraction of the price on Trademe

Hoodie:Hand-me-down from Allie
Pants:Baby Factory
Boots:a market in Geraldine


  1. very very cute!!! love sofs boot x

  2. Love, love, love Na'uli's boots!! Awesome.... and Sofia looks like she's grown up heaps lately? Looks very Little Miss rather than baby/ toddlerish? Not sure I'm saying that right - they're both gorgeous girls! Fun post!


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