Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mid-week Meal: Steak and Veges

I got a bit late organising this post so this was actually last night's meal at our place. Nothing flash about the presentation but it was very tasty
Ribeye steak
Potatoes courtesy of Dad
Kumara mash (orange kumara mashed with cream)
Silverbeet Pasifika style. When I cook silverbeet as a side dish I add some finally diced onion before cooking. When it is almost cooked I drain the water out and replace it with coconut cream and add some salt and pepper.

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  1. YUMMY!!! Fab way of doing your silverbeet, when ours is big enough to pick I'll have to give it a shot :)

    Thanks for the congratulations - we're very excited around here, and Jarvis spends a lot of time talking to my puku ;)


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