Friday, April 15, 2011

Girl Style Friday Visit to the Country

We spent a nice day today with my big sis. They live about half an hour out of town and it's nice for us to get out there for some country air, a sisterly chat and a few cups of tea. The girls had a lovely day with their cousins and love seeing the animals.
Sofia is wearing
Top: trademe
Cardigan: made by me, just finished
Leggings: hand-me-down from big cousin
Gumboots: The Warehouse

 Na'uli is wearing
Jersey: thrifted by Great Nanny
Leggings: passed on from Sofia
Gumboots: thrifted by Allie
 Tessa is wearing
Cardigan: made by Mama
Dress: thrifted
Gumboots: from Na'uli

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