Friday, April 8, 2011

Girl Style Friday at the library

This morning we went down to the library to choose some new books. We walked in on a bit of a celebration. You see our local library has only just reopened to the public since the earthquake as it has been used as a council office until now. They were putting on a little welcome back party. There were a couple of musician/storytellers putting on a performance which we just caught the end of. Then some cake and other yummies for the kids. That was a bit of luck. Must keep an eye on the library website as I think they're going to be putting on a few extra fun things for children seeing as some other libraries are still closed.
Here's Na-na nibbling on some raisins. She is wearing:
Shoes: hand-me-down from cousin Clara
Jeans: from Clara too
Top: trademe
And here's Sofia. She's wearing:
Top: trademe
Pants: Pumpkin Patch
Shoes: Pumpkin Patch sale

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