Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday-scarf

Things have been pretty average in the wardrobe department this week but I thought I'd show you my version of the scarf I mentioned here and here. As I knitted it I wasn't convinced that it would turn out the way I wanted or even be something that I would wear but I am actually really happy with it. Turns out it is very warm which is great because I thought it was going to be more of a visual accessory rather than a practical one. I think I will be making more. I'm keen to try it in different yarn-maybe cotton or bamboo. If anyone's interested you're welcome to place an order and I'd be happy to make you one.
This is me and Sofia yesterday ...
Leggings from Farmers
Dress from Shanton
No shoes because I actually wore my slippers all day!
Sofia in BLUE! Thank goodness she seems not to be so obsessed with pink now and I manage to get her to wear some other colours some days-still her choice of clothing though.
Leggings from the Warehouse
Woollen singlet from Farmers


  1. Love the scarf! You two with your bare feet make me feel cold!

  2. I LOVE the scarf. I've seen them here in Germany and always thought I'd love one myself. It's been over 30 degrees for the last 3 days so it's a bit funny looking at scarfs. Take care, Nina


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