Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Any Ideas for Lunch?

Does anyone have any interesting, easy lunch ideas for a Mum and preschoolers?
It's hard enough trying to think of dinner ideas but lunch as well!! We eat pasta, soups, leftovers (if we are left any by the others in the house!). Today we had poached eggs, baked beans and toast.
 Sofia and Na'uli saying their lotu (prayer) before lunch "Malo Eiki o mai meakai. Amini"
...it doesn't always happen but it was their own idea today!

They enjoyed it. Sofia ate all of hers and wanted more. Na'uli ate most of hers.

I'd love to hear any other lunch ideas.


  1. I am not much of a cook so my girls always get things like a sandwich, yoghurt, fruit, cheese and crackers for lunch. Sometimes to make it a little more interesting I use cookie cutters to make the sandwiches a bit more interesting- funny how they eat them a lot better when they are in a cute shape!

  2. I'm with you. so un motivated when it comes to lunch at home especially when the whole fam is home in the weekends.
    usually I make filled rolls or pita pockets in summer salad season, pita pocket pizzas in winter (or use up stale buns and make pizza topping on the halves and pop under the grill). Mine like crumpets (sometimes we use spaghetti and cheese on top).
    Omletts, pancakes and waffles are a staple around here. American hotdogs go down pretty well too. Not all as healthy as I would like but its the stage my kids are at..

  3. In our house its usually a sandwich, toastie or pita. Or soup or scrambled eggs. Fruit, yoghurt, cheese. Baked beans, spaghetti, or leftovers! Pretty much the same as you! Pikelets if she's lucky :)

  4. Thanks for those ideas ladies. I often make the girls a snack platter for morning tea (a selection of crackers or bread, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, cheese, ham or salami, cornchips and dips etc). Maybe that's why I'm a bit stuck by lunch time. I often forget (because I don't like fish) that they like tinned tuna.
    My two also like the tins of creamy rice which is a good change from yogurt. They've also had those little pottles of fruit in jelly but went off them so I haven't had them for a while. Should try that again. Well, thanks me for those ideas!!

  5. Hrmm, grilled cheese with ketchup? That's a staple with us. Egg in a cup with soldiers? We also do a lot of beans on toast, that's the old standby :) Those photos are lovely--what a couple of cuties!


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