Saturday, June 4, 2011

Past Projects

Well I haven't done one of these posts for a  while. I thought I had exhausted my supply of photos of things that I have made in the past but just came across these photos of the girls wearing a teddy bear suit I knitted. This was made years before had children myself. I made one to be passed around my nieces and nephews then one for my own future children.
The photo above and this one show Na having her turn...
 And this is Sofia having her turn...


  1. That's soooo gorgeous, well done. ?The girls look really cute in it.
    Hope to see you Thursday :-)

  2. oh that is so gorgeous! from the thumbnail pic i saw she looked like she was dressed as a little gingerbread baby :)

  3. OH. MY. GOODNESS. this is a baby-outfit dream.
    was it really hard to make? would they work out really expensive if you were to make them to sell (time, materials etc?)cause by golly, I know I would struggle to resist, my ovaries would be/are screaming just thinking about it!

  4. Thanks for those comments.
    Rhiannon, as with anything homemade it is really hard to make any money from it. Wool is getting so expensive and if you want to sell a baby garment for a reasonable price you can never get paid well for the hours you put in. I think with something like this I would have to advertise it as 'make to order' and maybe get the buyer to give a deposit for materials.

  5. Gorgeous!!! You're so clever!!!


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