Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday-floral

Up until recently I would have struggled to find anything floral in my wardrobe. But a while a go I bought these tunic tops and also made myself a skirt that I talked about here, all of which are floral. Go me-really stepping out of my comfort zone of mainly plain!
Today I am wearing:
The skirt that I made myself out of $4 curtains from the Sallies
Tshirt from Postie-I know a bit boring in black but I can't find a top that is the right shade of blue that is in the skirt.
Same shoes as last week

Photo makes me look like a giant. That fence is 1.8m and I look taller than it!

Head on over to Green Valley Crafts to see some other flowery folk


  1. Great skirt! I love finding a fabulous old curtain at the sallies shop :) I scored an amazing sheet last week, which much have been in a grandma's cupboard for fifty years unused...can't wait to turn it into something beautiful!

  2. Love that skirt you did a really good job, looks like it fits perfectly! Was great to see you guys too, we had a lovely holiday. Those chocolate macaroons were so YUM, will you post the recipe!!?

  3. Yah the Sallies! And your wearing those devine shoes again. *Sigh*


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