Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday-something I made?

I have failed to meet the challenge this week sorry ladies!
The two items of clothing that I have made for myself were already shown in the past few weeks. This butterfly skirt and this floral skirt and it's too warm today to wear these wrist warmers.
Anyway today I had hubby at home to take my photo and he said "you don't always have to stand straight looking at the camera!" and he took it upon himself to take the photo on a bit of an angle too.

Top guessed it, Glassons
Merino jersey (with favourite fantail) from Shanton. I have quite a few of these in my drawer-so warm and comfy but nice and light too.
Just Jeans jeans again
Necklace-a new aquisition from Postie
And my wedding rings from my husband of course....because today is a special my next post

So did you meet the challenge?
To see who the other clever and crafty mummas are have a look at Green Valley Crafts


  1. cool as merino! Shanton is really good for random finds!! gorge necklace too

  2. Go the creative input from hubby!!! :D Jealous of your merino.... and loving your necklace too!

  3. Oh I loooove that fantail merino top!


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