Monday, October 11, 2010

Cornish Pasties

 I love Cornish pasties. My Nanny has Cornish ancestors and these are a tradition passed down through her family. I don't make them that often because they're a bit fiddley to prepare and put together but they're so good when they're done. Traditionally they would be made with lard in the pastry but I can't get that so I just use butter. When I eat these I always remember my Great Uncle Jack (Nanny's late brother). I share a birthday with him, as well as my Mum, and on at least two occasions we celebrated our birthdays together in Le Bons Bay eating Cornish Pasties.
Homemade pastry
 Diced swede
 Onion and Salt
 Cubed chuck steak, Salt and Pepper
 Diced Potato
 Seal it up
And cook


  1. Yum, indeed, I must have a go at these. cheers Marie

  2. Yum Just talked about these the other day must make them!!!

  3. wow I've been missing out!!!!!!! they look so yum!


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