Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Curtains to Skirt and more

I found these old curtains in my local op shop last week and decided they'd make a nice skirt. I've had the Sew what!Skirts book out of the library for a while now and was waiting til I had the right fabric to try out one of the designs. These curtains were perfect because at $4 I had nothing to lose if my sewing was unsuccessful. I decided to make an A-Line with a fitted waist. The pattern was really easy to draft up as the book gave simple equations for calculating your own size. The curtains had a lining which I decided to also line my skirt with. That made it a bit trickier as the instructions did not include a lining. I tackled the skirt while we were at my parents' place over the weekend so that Mum could save me if I got into trouble. I was very pleased with the finished skirt-it fits perfectly and is the exact shape I have been wanting for ages.
We had a lovely weekend in Le Bons Bay. The boys went hunting and fishing (with an impressive haul of flounder, crab and salmon)
and Sofia and Na'uli had some long awaited time with their cousins at the lodge and Mama and Pa.
Feeding the chooks with Pa
Snuggling under Mama's flannel blanket


  1. Was great to catch up with you in the weekend and send some lovely family time together....your girls are sooooo cute..we love them!!!!

  2. Lovely fabric, and sweet pics. cheers Marie

  3. Your skirt look fabulous, I want to see a pic with you in it!! :)

  4. Yes I'll have to do a photo shoot!!

  5. What a creative idea. Love that print for a skirt. And the fish makes me hungry. Yum.


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