Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Work

Our new place has a big yard and lots of garden. My first priority when we moved here was to get the vege garden up and running. I am now picking tomatoes, runner beans, dwarf beans, cabbage, lettuce, courgettes, beetroot and spring onions. It won't be long and I will have potatoes ready to dig.
The next priority was to get some mulch on the larger flower beds and tidy some other areas.
So over the weekend I spread bark mulch around the clothesline area,
 at the end of the house around the hydrangeas and agapanthus
 and another large area at the front of the house
That was a lot of wheelbarrowing! It took about 4 scoops (more than our largest truck full). It felt good to use some muscles that don't get used as often as they should!
Then I mulched the rose bed with a few bales of peastraw and gave it a good watering
On Friday I also got stuck into our shade house. It's a sort of a fernery with a few other random plants too. I spent a couple of hours weeding, trimming and clearing the path.
The girls loved playing alongside me. They called it their jungle and made up games in one of the little clearings.
 I love it that these two are so happy to potter alongside me when I'm outdoors
They also hung out with their Dad and big cousin who were just as busy over the weekend-building a pig house, putting a door into the chook's fence so the chooks can go out into their extended yard and digging post holes for a new fence.
The girls swept, dug with their 'shubbles' (shovels), hammered, rode in the wheelbarrow, ate outdoors and cared for their babies. Lovely.


  1. Looks great! Isla desperately wants to come to see the girls at your house again. Pity it's such a long drive!

  2. What a gorgeous setting you have. We are fortunate to have space around us too. I love it. Cx

  3. You have done such a great job. Your section is impressive. I'm also loving the fact that our boys now play for hours in our jungle garden - a huge shift from being in an apartment with a small balcony in Germany.


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