Saturday, February 25, 2012

Plot to Pantry: Relish and Ratatouille

This week, with my excess of tomatoes, I have made a second batch of tomato relish and a second batch of ratatouille.
The relish is made using the Edmonds Book recipe. It is so delicious in steak sandwiches, with cheese fritters, in savoury pinwheel scones and in cheese toasties. For lunch yesterday I put some relish and cheese in  small pita breads and cooked them in the toaster. They were a hit with the girls.

I freeze the ratatouille. It's really nice to be able to pull some out to add some tasty fresh veges to a Winter meal. It's great as a side dish with steak, sausages, lamb or pork chops, crumbed chicken schnitzel etc.

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