Friday, February 24, 2012

Girl Style Friday: Visit to the Doctor

Here's my two littlies yesterday. We were about to head off to the doctor for Sofia's before school check. She won't be 4 until November  and won't start school until next year but they like to check up on hearing, eyesight, development etc well before they start school to catch anything of concern early.
Sofia is wearing:
Dress-Pumpkin Patch
Singlet: The Warehouse
Leggings-from cousin Clara
Shoes-Pumpkin Patch
Na'uli is wearing:
Top-Cotton on Kids via Sofia
Dress-Christmas gift from big cousin Vincent
Leggings-Pumpkin Patch
Sandals-Number One Shoes vis Sofia
They are very much into mothers and babies at the moment. Sofia is carrying my childhood doll, Polly and Na'uli is carrying Sofia's  doll 'New Doll' who was made by Mum. They (but Na'uli especially) like to take a handbag everywhere we go.

After the doctor we had a browse at Ula (where I bought a couple of bracelets...wait for Wardrobe Wednesday), a coffee here and visited the library

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