Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back Home with Baby

The past few days have been pretty stressful for us as our wee daughter Na'uli was hospitalised. We'd all had a bad run with coughs and other bugs and unfortunately Na'uli got very run down and developed an abscess (on her tiny buttock of all places). After a visit to the doctor on Monday it was decided that she needed a visit to the hospital  for surgery to drain the area (oh too much detail-sorry!). She was in so much pain and it was really worrying for us as parents to see our daughter endure this pain and to go through the procedures leading up to surgery.
Paula held her in his arms as she was put to sleep and he said he felt like telling the doctors "I don't want you to touch my daughter!" It was a nervous wait...
 but she was out in no time...
and has steadily improved since.
Being in the hospital environment you see some very unlucky people and some sad situations that make you realise how fortunate you are. We were thankful that our stay was short, surgery was minor, risk minimal, side effects few and outcome successful.
We are so glad to be home today and grateful for the messages of love from friends and family and for the help of our Mum who was at home to hold everything together.


  1. oh poor na na she looked sad eh hope she has great improvement now give her a kiss from us xxx

  2. So glad to know all went well & you're home again,& hope Na is back to her wee self soon. xo

  3. Have been following the 'goings on'and am pleased to hear that Na is on the mend and your household is getting back to normal.
    Love to you all,Aunty Nic

  4. I'm glad you didn't have to stay in for long - still not nice seeing them out to it though. Elijah spent almost six weeks in hospital when he was born and although he was very very ill he fought. But I hated every day in that hospital!

  5. I'm so glad everything is ok and you are all back home. My daughter was hospitalized for a few days when she was five months old -- I don't think I realized until afterward how terrifying and stressful it was! At the time you just get through it. Hope you're all recovering well and enjoying the long weekend!


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