Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Visit from the Outside World

We've had some pretty terrible bugs about our house for the past three weeks. The last week in particular has seen the whole household knocked over with first a cold and cough kinda bug followed closely behind by a vomiting and...well you know what often happens at the same time as that so let's not go into too much detail. With the rain bucketing down solidly outside for 4 days now no windows have been open. We have had few trips beyond the front door and the house feels like it needs a jolly good decontamination of some kind! Anyway today we had a brief encounter with the outside world as Mum and Dad made a flying visit to deliver some goodies. They were too afraid to enter our 'house of horrors' so we had a quick meeting in the garage, where the fresh air could flow freely between us. We gratefully accepted our homemade soup and pizza and Sofia was delighted to receive a pretty little suitcase
 filled with a few interesting bits to keep her occupied
and a gorgeous book.
I'd highly recommend it-the story of Noah's Ark with lovely rhyme and embossed illustrations. And if this weather keeps up any longer we might just have to start our own ark.
I guess this is what you'd call cabin fever-the parents getting creative with Sofia's new play things.


  1. oh you poor things! We have had a couple of fluey days and that was bad enough! What a delightful package from your Mum and Dad, looks like it cheered you all up a bit lol.
    I was wondering if you were interested in Ella and Sofia 'writing' to each other? Maybe just drawing and stickers or something simple?? Ella would love to get letters in the mail and it would be a great way to learn about other places etc, let me know via my blog or :)

  2. We've had the same thing going on at our place the past few weeks. It's fun playing with kids toys though huh hehehe.


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