Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fritata, Lasagne and Birthday Cake

Another rainy day inside yesterday so I cooked some rather delicious food. No need to post the recipes cos they're all standard things that I'm sure you've all made before. Basic but very tasty...
Using some leftovers I made fritata for lunch
 Lasagne for tea- always served with sauteed cabbage (just seems to go well)
Sofia and I made a banana birthday cake for our nephew
Have you made any of these lately?


  1. Hey fannie
    Yum Yum looks good . i have finally found out how to comment on your stuff...SLow to learn thats me!!!

  2. They all look yummy, cheers Marie

  3. Yum, I've just eaten my brekkie but now feel like I need something else LOL

  4. Yum! How did you get those hundreds and thousands so neatly into the number 20!! Looks great. I'd have them going all over the place :)

  5. must be the school teacher thing again clare!


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