Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday I finished the knitted dress/top that I talked about here. I was really pleased with my first attempt at circular knitting-I'm definitely going to do more. In fact I've actually got another project on the needle already! I even had to get the crochet hook out to finish off the opening and make button loops. It took a few attempts but turned out ok...just wouldn't want a crochet expert looking too close! Here's my gorgeous girl in her new top today
This is another project that I finished recently. It's one of my current favourite designs.
I made one the same for Na'uli which she wore at about 4 weeks old
Still haven't quite got the pinafore finished. I'm waiting for some button holing instructions from Mum-maybe this weekend when we visit the Bay.


  1. How cute! Love the dress... wish I could knit like this!!!

  2. looks fantastic and very toasty - great job :)
    ps. we have the bumblebee wheelie bug too, kind of wish i had bought the bigger size as our Munchkin is fast getting too big for the small one :)

  3. Hey Allana-looks like we've got similar tastes...wheelie bug, pillow cases...!

  4. hi there, im just getting into the circular knitting hard???it looks it. looove the dress!!

  5. It just looks adorable. I think I remember seeing that pattern on Ravelry. Keeping her warm, too, I'm sure. :-)


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