Friday, May 27, 2011

No Comment

In the last couple of days I have been trying to leave comments on some blogs that I follow but its not working.
I write my comment then below it says "Comment as: select profile"
I choose my google account and it takes me to a sign in page. I sign in. It takes me back to the comment page. I copy the word verification and click "comment" and it takes me back to the sign in page....and round and round we go.
According to my dashboard I am signed in already.
It's so annoying cos I have written quite a few comments thinking it won't happen again but it does and my comment is lost.
Weird thing is that I have been able to comment on some (like Clare and Stella) today
Have you had this happen? Do you know how to fix it?


  1. Yes, I was having lots of trouble with this yesterday too. So I think it's a general problem with blogger. I think you just have to wait until it's working again.

  2. Looks like mines working again!

  3. Im having problems too. I seem to be locked out of my google account when reading blogs from my phone and my sign in is not accepted. has been driving me crazy!!

  4. I just noticed that no ones blog is showing their followers... perhaps this is related, must be somthing up with blogger.

  5. Blogger's been having all sorts of weird episodes the past week or so - I've had my dashboard come up that I'm following no blogs, and had to sign in every five minutes! I don't think it's you, I think blogger's misbehaving ;)


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