Friday, May 27, 2011

Girl Style Friday

Na'uli is wearing:
Top from Baby Factory via Sofia
Leggings from Pumpkin Patch
Gumboots from a garage sale
Sofia is wearing pink!...she has developed a love for pink and white and if given the choice would wear pink and white clothes every day. I have never been a girly girl person myself and when choosing clothes for the girls I generally stay away from the stereotypical pink, and particularly pinky pink, steering more towards purple and other less girly colours. I had to give in and buy these pink leggings as she had a short pair given to her by an aunty and would choose to wear these even on the coldest of days. In order to keep my daughter warm I decided to get her some full length pink ones!
The top she has on is a hand-me-down from a big cousin.
I was reading over here that Rachel has the same aversion to pink and she talked about how hard it is to find kids clothes and accessories that aren't in garish colours or covered in Barbie or Dora or other such brands. I must agree.
What are your ideas on kids clothes?


  1. You'll notice my girl hardly ever wears pink! Like pretty much never! I'm sure she'll insist on it when she's older :P Your girls look sooo cute! I nearly thought Na was Sofia for a minute, she's so grown up! x

  2. Your girls are so beautiful. Thanks for linking me too, I love the blog community!

  3. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of pink, though I do have a couple of lovely pink items... People ALWAYS give us pink clothing, grrrrr!!! To think of all the other lovely colours in the world... Anyway, you have two of the cutest kidlets ever!


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