Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Creativity

 This last week I have been getting into the Christmas spirit with a bit of sewing and baking.
I made Na'uli a Christmas bag to put under the tree...
 I made this doll back pack as a Christmas present for Sofia...
 The idea and pattern were from this book...
 And here's 'new doll' (as she is still called!) in the back pack...
 Sofia and I baked a batch of shortbread cut into trees, hearts and stars...
I have no idea why but this is the only time of year I bake shortbread. We all really like it and it's not like it's particularly Christmassy-not red and green, not sparkly, not spicy-just plain old shortbread!
We're aiming to get some more baking done this week and make up some little packages for our friends and neighbours.
Do you have any recipes that you just HAVE TO make at Christmas?


  1. yes, biscotti! every year without fail :)

  2. Christmas tree cookies.. did I post them? Scatter mama brain.. anyway - I love the doll's backpack!

  3. Love the doll and the backpack! I don't bake anything season-specific at the moment, but I would love to start when my boys are old enough. Thanks for the idea!


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