Sunday, December 12, 2010


 n. 1. spiritual being believed to be an attendant or messenger of God. 2. person who is kind, pure, or beautiful
We bought and decorated our Christmas tree today. Sofia was very excited to help us choose which tree to buy and she loved helping me to hang the lights and decorations on the tree. When Na'uli woke from her sleep her eyes lit up at the sight of the decorated tree.
The pine tree has given our home that distinctly Christmas smell mmmm.


  1. love that Christmas smell. I miss it because my hub gets hay fever with real trees :(
    awesome decorations

  2. I love the third angel!
    I so have to put up our big tree. Am so not in the christmas spirit yet.

  3. Fab post!! Lovin all your angels... esp your description of your two wee ones with their Christmas glow!


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