Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today while the girls were sleeping after coming home from pre-school I set up a little Advent area on our book shelf.
Wool angel...
Pacific version of The Twelve Days of Christmas story...
A Tongan tapa angel...
Fabric Christmas tree I made last year...
Cute little Advent card from my big sis:)...
Our Advent calendar...
Some of the treasures that the girls will find each day...
Before I started to write this post I browsed through the other posts on my dashboard and saw this one also titled 'Advent'. I am sharing the link because as I read it I really related to what the author was saying. I like her ideas and have a similar feeling about Advent.
As a child I remember we always had an Advent table set up and I knew it was a special time of the year but it wasn't until I began my teaching career at a Catholic school that I started to understand the religious side of Advent. I do not follow any particular religion but my husband is Catholic and it is now that we have children of our own that I am beginning to wonder what Advent means to us and how I will explain it and celebrate with our girls. Traditionally it is a time of preparing or getting ready (to celebrate the birth of Jesus). For us I think it is also a time of  preparing but we are getting ready for family get togethers, relaxation time and a camping holiday too. I think it's a great time to reflect on and be thankful for the good things that have happened during the year.
 I also loved Lou's Advent idea here. She has created such a magical space and special ritual for her wee daughters.
What are your thoughts on Advent? Do you have any special traditions or rituals at this time of the year?


  1. What a gorgeous wee scene. We are not religious either, but I do look forward to developing our own family rituals and traditions as Isla gets older. Where did you get the advent calendar, it is so beautiful!

  2. what a lovely scene, i love that card your sister sent you. and your advent calendar with the treasures is divine :)

  3. It is interesting isn't it, trying to find our own place amongst festivals such as advent. Love your post and love your advent calendar.

  4. Such a cute wee display you have. Not having children really puts Xmas on the back burner at this time of year, as we are both so busy! But, I am very jealous of all the Xmas cuteness you have in your house.
    As for the peach leave problems, I've had none so far but I did spray with copper on bud swell as advised. Glad to hear the leaves have grown back healthy and you still have a few fruit! I think the copper spray regime is the way to go to avoid leaf curl...
    Also, I think I saw a photo of one of your wee cuties in the Avenues magazine a few weeks ago. So adorable, with a big smile!

  5. Aww, how lovely! I've always wanted to get one of those advent chest of drawers--they seem hard to find in Canada though. Love the woolly angel!


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