Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

This was what I wore yesterday as I headed back to school for a day of teaching. I find it a bit hard now to get back into that 'professional' mode required for the workplace. With no jeans allowed it cuts my wardrobe choices by at least half and of course trackpants aren't quite the right look either, so then I'm pretty much left with a handful of skirts and a pair of shorts to choose from! Makes me realise when I go back to teaching that my many of my 'work' clothes are now so 2006!
Cardigan from Glassons
Skirt from Pagani
Singlet top from Ezibuy(I like the ruffled detail across the top)
Sandals from KMart
I'd like to know if you other ladies are into shorts and what style of shorts you like to wear

If you're looking for some style tips head over to Green Valley Crafts


  1. Love your shoes and your ruffles! Might have to visit KMart! Hope the teaching day went well - I have the opposite problem with my clothes - I'm not really a jeans girl so weekends often find me in very similar outfits to those I would wear to work.... You've got me wondering if that is going to change after months/ years of being a STAH mumma! I hope so!! :D

  2. I really need some new tops this summer, that white one of yours is very cute!! I like it a lot. Hope that girl is feeling better xo

  3. Love the singlet, very cute. I am not very into shorts, they just don't seem to suit me. Hope the day at school went well :-)

  4. Love the detail on your top and your skirt is lovely. I find skirts generally more flattering to wear than shorts - but if the skirt is too short then it's difficult to keep 'modest' as so much of my time is spent on the floor crawling about with children! Hope your back to school day went well x

  5. Very pretty - a wonderful combination of teacher usefulness with lovely girlie detail :)

    My WW is a day late - I had to get an actual film developed since the camera is off at the warranty repair place getting fixed!

    Hmmm, and as for shorts, not really my thing but that's because they look dreadful on me!! If I'm likely to be doing something which may lead to flashing, I'll wear leggings under my skirt ;)


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