Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Doll

Sofia's Mama (my mother) made her a new doll for her birthday. She is a Waldorf style doll, with chocolate-y skin and dark hair like Sofia. She has underwear, a dress, cardigan (knitted from Mum's natural hand dyed wool) a toadstool dress, trousers and a shirt-and now some shoes that I have knitted her.

Sofia was really funny when Mum arrived with the doll. She grabbed it and held it close and giggled and giggled. She ran to her bedroom to take a closer look on her own, then wanted to change it into the spare clothes right away. It was so cute. I'm really looking forward to watching Sofia develop a relationship with her new friend.


  1. Super cute!! What a clever mum you have, Sofia's going to love her new little buddy. I made Jarvis a pseudo-steiner doll (followed the principles but veered off a bit using what I had in the house!), his name's Tommy - here he is!


    He's much grubbier now, and is currently sitting in the kitchen, covered in milk! Jarvis likes to share with his little mate ;)

  2. What a lovely doll. I have a similar style doll, half made that has been than way for 2 years- I must get on and finish it. Your mother is a talented lady!

  3. What a lovely doll, I have made one for christmas for Holly too. They are so sweet.

    That last photo is too cute! What a sweetheart.

  4. That's so gorgeous! I have such fond memories of many, many hours spent with my baby doll (Linda, the cabbage patch baby) when I was a child. And I still have the mountains of homemade clothes my mum and nana made for her. What has she named her?


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