Monday, November 11, 2013

Sofia's Mermaid Party

Our eldest daughter Sofia turned six this week. She is interested in mermaids at the moment so I created a birthday party with a mermaid/underwater theme...
 My two nieces came to help with decorations, set up and organising games

 Grape 'seaweed'
 Sharks in jelly
 Clam shells with pearls
Cheerio Octopuses
 Little coloured tin buckets for the guests to collect their prizes in and take home
 Treasure hunting. I photographed some beachy objects (sunhat, suncream, jandals, bucket and spade etc.) and printed the pictures. Zoe and Willow then hid those objects around our yard with a picture attached to each. At the end the girls found a beach towel with the 'treasure' wrapped inside
 Water balloon target throw

 Zoe handing out prizes (we had mermaid stickers, mini bubbles, gold chocolate coins, a pretty bracelet, star shaped scented bath oil and some sweets
 Pass the parcel
 The birthday girl

 Cake time
 Seaweed Limbo
 Tallulah takes a turn
This incredible mermaid costume was a gift from Sofia's friend (made by her Mum! So clever)

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