Monday, November 11, 2013

Baptising Haniteli

On 3rd November we baptised our son in a Tongan Catholic Ceremony. Afterwards we celebrated his baptism and coming 1st birthday with the church community and some friends. With the help of family and friends we put on a lunch for around 100 people.
 The girls helping their cousin and Aunty prepare the ngatu (tapa cloth) to be used as a back drop in the hall
Boys spit roasting 10 pigs in the early hours of the morning
 The cake(s)
 Pretty big sisters
 Hani with his godmother, our niece Felixe
 Hani's godfather, our nephew Vincent, having a last minute practise of his reading

 Proud Aunties
 Lots of guests!
 Sign painted by Paula's friend
 The front table
 The man of the moment in his Tongan outfit
Hani not looking the best with a nasty cough that had us taking him to the 24 hour doctor to be put on a nebuliser at 4am on this morning...poor little chap.

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